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Compassionate Solutions is a group of educational and counseling therapy associates who are located in Santa Clarita, California.  Each of our associates is fully credentialed and has many years of experience working in their respective field.  In addition to expertise, our therapists share qualities that elicit a sense of trust and hope in their clients.  Honesty, empathy, understanding, and sincere concern provide the foundation for a warm professional relationship that allows our clients to develop and practice new skills within the supportive environment of the therapeutic relationship.

Compassionate Solutions therapists share a strong knowledge base.  The therapist’s skill and experience are necessary tools in helping the client master new behaviors, develop self-confidence, improve motivation, and overcome obstacles.  Whether the services involve Educational Psychology, Educational Tutoring, or Marriage and Family Therapy, the therapist’s expertise is fundamental to a successful outcome.

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Individual, Family Therapy, Educational Testing, Psychotherapy and Tutoring

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