Diane Aguinaldo

Diane Aguinaldo


Educational Specialist




Every student is unique. Through personalized strategies, every child can succeed. 

Diane Aguinaldo specializes in tutoring students in kindergarten through eighth grade who struggle with dyslexia, general reading and writing challenges, learning complications, ADHD, or hearing impairments.

She provides homework and study skills support for all ages. She believes every student CAN and will succeed with family, tutoring, and school support working as a team.



Diane is a retired teacher with over forty years of experience with students of all ages and academic skill levels. She holds a California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, and two special education teaching credentials, one in deaf and hard-of-hearing and the other in severe needs, including autism. She is certified to work with English language learners, and she is fluent in Sign Language.

At Compassionate Solutions, she works with students, and parents of children with learning challenges to close academic gaps in English language arts, social studies, science, handwriting, Sign Language, and math.

Besides helping students master academic skills, Mrs. Aguinaldo is committed to helping students gain confidence, find their strengths, and enjoy the process of learning.

She loves working with parents and their children in a team approach. Her goal is to help students grow and master skills and standards that had previously been areas of difficulty. Mrs. Aguinaldo strongly believes when teachers, parents, and students work together on educational goals, students will thrive.

She notes that she enjoys not only teaching traditional academic subjects and skills but also loves to teach art, Sign Language, and cursive. She believes students learn through different modalities and that the primary auditory mode that many teachers employ is just not sufficient for some students to gain an understanding of some concepts. That is why she integrates visual and tactile activities into her sessions, whenever possible.

Mrs. Aguinaldo is available on weekdays and evenings by appointment.  She is happy to work with students who attend local schools as well as home-schooled students.