Shauna Hoffman

Shauna Hoffman, MA, MFT

Marriage Family Therapist
MFT #35075

(661) 714-5137


Shauna Hoffman, a dedicated Marriage Family Therapist, focuses on assisting individuals, couples, and teens in navigating relationship and communication challenges, as well as addressing issues related to low self-esteem and family conflicts. Her expertise lies in fostering awareness around the origins of choices and their profound impact on various facets of one’s life.

In addition to having a Masters Degree in Marriage Family Therapy, she holds a BA in Theater Arts and a Corporate Coaching Certificate. Shauna began doing Seminars for Corporations combining her acting and speaking skills with her therapy experience.   Her fun, creative upbeat seminars and Private Coaching are geared towards inspiring the Clients in self confidence, becoming aware of body language, learning tools to separate personal issues from the work place, strong communication skills and true self awareness. She has worked as Corporate Business Coach for a varied clientele from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, to Wolfgang Pucks Catering.  She was on the board of Directors for the Betty Ferguson Foundation and currently is on their Advisory Board. After Hurricane Katrina and Rita Ms. Hoffman founded Project Town Angels, an organization of compassionate members of our community that brought a Hurricane Victim Family to our town and started their lives on the road to recovery again.

Shauna also owned a production company, Miracle One Productions that produced videos on Marianne Williamson, the best selling author of “A Return To Love and A Woman’s Worth”.  As a member of SAG and AFTRA Ms. Hoffman has specialized expertise in working with members of the Film and Television Industry.

Appointments available. Though Ms. Hoffman does not accept Insurance, she does superbill, which allows those of you who are eligible to get reimbursed by your Insurance Company. Payments by Check or Credit Card accepted.


Shauna Hoffman has been a Marriage Therapist and Family Therapist in Valencia, Newhall and the Santa Clarita Valley for 20 years.

Shauna dedicates her Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy to helping men, women and children deal with past pain, become more aware of how they communicate with each other,the choices they make, where these choices REALLY come from and how these choices effect every aspect of their life!  Ms. Hoffman is nationally known through her website where she takes her “Me Club” members through a series of videos on a search for self awareness.

Shauna offers Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling and Family Therapy in Valencia, Newhall and the Santa Clarita Valley in the following ways:

  • Couple’s Counseling and Marriage Therapy – Are you communicating with each other? Is money or job stress affecting your marriage? Do you still have fun together? Is your sex life still alive? Do you still care about your partner’s happiness? Are you both starting to feel like you are growing apart? Are you contemplating Divorce, yet have never tried therapy? Give it a chance. Marriage Counseling can help! Shauna works from a Family Systems perspective and often will see the clients both individually and as a couple.
  • Family Counseling – Are there parenting challenges? Children acting out? Blended Family issues? Do you speak the same language as your teen? Are there issues of disrespect, anger, and drugs? Getting help from a Family Therapist can make a difference! Ms. Hoffman works with both the Teen on an individual basis and with the family as a whole. You CAN find the happiness as a family again!
  • Individual Counseling – Do you know who you are versus what other people want you to be? Do you always put other people’s needs before your own to the detriment of your happiness or your health? Are you going through a divorce and having a hard time finding your new identity? Do you feel depression or low self esteem? Individual Therapy is for any person who feels that they can benefit from help looking deeply at their lives, defense mechanisms and relationships to find a happier healthier self.
  • Women’s Groups – Join a group of like minded women all on a search for their true genuine self. We explore all topics and issues on a weekly basis as each woman shares their challenges in order to grow.
  • Grief Counseling – Have you recently lost a loved one and feel moments of depression or questioning life? Are there moments of loneliness that get to be too hard to handle? Has the passing of a loved one redirected your life’s path? You are not alone.
  • Film Industry Marriage and Family Counseling – Families with a member involved in the Film and Television Industry tend to have a separate set of challenges. With one family gone from the home for long periods of time, or working very long hours, the stress that the family feels can be extraordinary. Often there are parenting issues that arrive, jealousy issues, perpetual unemployment concerns, and differences in creative outlets. Working with a Therapist that specializes in FILM INDUSTRY issues can be your answer. Ms. Hoffman has specialized in Film Industry Marriage and Family Issues in the SCV since 1995.

Ms. Hoffman is currently taking clients for the following groups:

  • TEEN GIRL SELF IMAGE GROUP- This group is intended to help teenage girls deal with societies expectations and pressure to look “a certain way”. It will explore weight, eating habits, self-image and self-love.
  • WOMEN’S THERAPY GROUP- This group is intended for women not in crisis, who want to explore through group Women’s issues, values and ideas.
  • COUPLE’S COMMUNICATION SEMINAR- this will be a one-day seminar on couples communication patterns, how they are affecting the love and respect in the marriage and how to heal the hurts of words from the past.
  • PET GRIEF THERAPY GROUP- This Group is for animal lovers who have lost a pet. Its is an opportunity to share your stories and share your sadness, as you gain the tools to heal. This group meets twice monthly. Please call for schedule.