Executive Functioning Specialist

Steve Steinberg

Executive Functioning Specialist


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The ultimate goal is to build self-empowerment, independence, and self-esteem. 

Steve Steinberg helps people of all backgrounds from school-aged individuals to professional adults with Executive Functioning (planning, organization, time management, prioritization, self-monitoring, etc.)  skills, professional effectiveness, and study skills to achieve their specific goals.

Steve works with students and parents to improve executive functioning, which includes higher-level thinking, working memory, organization, motivation, and reasoning.

His first step with every client is to understand the person’s unique learning style, goals, motivations, and preferences.

Next, he assesses and maximizes the student’s learning environment (school, home/family, tutor, etc.) to aid the development of new study techniques. Communication is streamlined with every person involved to create a united front for learning.

Follow-through, feedback, and follow-up is the third part of the process. The communication facilitated by Steinberg helps the entire learning environment to be effective, efficient, synergistic, and successful.

His end goal with each client is to boost their executive functioning and teach them ways to learn that compliment their strengths and weaknesses.

Steve Steinberg holds an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Development from George Washington University. He has been teaching students and professionals how to effectively and efficiently work and study for the past 20 years.

Aside from his personal development services, Steinberg speaks on various topics including: executive function, memory, organization, and learning styles. Some of his speaking engagements have been at the Bureau of Jewish Education, Santa Clarita Unified School District Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA), Aviva Center (provides care, treatment, and special education to abandoned, neglected, abused, and at risk youth), Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Grand Rounds, and Harvard-Westlake School.

He is a Who’s Who in California Nominee, a National Deans List Honoree, and an International Who’s Who of Professional Management Honoree.

He considers it an honor and privilege to assist you and your child.