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Educational therapists provide support for children and adults who are facing learning challenges. An educational therapist works with the individual’s specific learning style and needs to help them achieve their goals. 

An educational therapist goes beyond helping weaknesses in specific academic subjects by utilizing their specialized education to address three important components of the individual’s learning experience:

  1. Academic
  2. Socio-emotional
  3. Psycho-educational 

What is the difference between an educational specialist/tutor and an educational therapist? 

While a tutor usually assists a student with learning a specific subject matter, the educational therapist looks at the student’s entire learning style. Working with an educational therapist is especially useful after someone has completed a psychoeducational assessment, also known as an educational evaluation. An educational therapist can use the results from the evaluation to create a tailored plan to help the individual strengthen their learning weaknesses and magnify their strengths. 

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