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Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT’s) are relationship specialists. Through therapy, they work with individuals, whole families, small groups, and couples to develop better relationships by improving communication, self-knowledge, personal growth, and understanding. They are highly trained in areas of personality development, emotional disorders, family dynamics, divorce, and human growth across the lifespan.

MFT’s provide therapy services to people who are struggling with all kinds of personal and interpersonal issues. They provide therapy to couples who want to make a good relationship better. They also help and support couples who are contemplating divorce or who are experiencing marriage problems.

MFT’s help individuals who are dealing with job stress, family difficulties, child behavior problems, and personal growth needs. Therapists work with parents and whole families to help with parenting challenges. MFT’s understand how family systems work and assist families in developing systems that meet the needs of all members.

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